Make a New Year’s Resolution for Safe Driving

It’s the new year which means resolution time. This year rather than making your resolutions about health, wealth and love, why not resolve to become a better driver? Drivers all around should take this opportunity to turn over a new leaf and leave their unsafe driving habits behind. So take this year and improve your driving in 2016 with these new resolutions.

Tips for Safer Driving

  • Don’t drive drowsy. Few things are more deadly than a driver nodding off at the wheel, especially on a busy road or highway. To make sure you stay alert whenever you’re behind the wheel, be honest with yourself when it comes to your focus and energy level. If you feel fatigued, pull off at a truck stop to rest or refuel with a beverage or snack. Safety takes priority; don’t drive more than you’re comfortable with.
  • Don’t forget the fundamentals of safe driving. You may think that safe driving is obvious, but it’s always good to return to the basics of driving. This means frequently looking at rear and side mirrors, keeping a safe following distance behind other vehicles, and always being mindful of the speedometer.
  • Don’t drink and drive. This may seem like an obvious safe driving tip, but it’s not always followed. Drinking and driving endangers you, your passenger and everyone on the road. Even one drink can impair your judgment, which many of us tend to forget. The safe bet is to take an Uber or Taxi if you plan on drinking and pick up your car the next day. Getting a ride home is a lot cheaper than a DUI.

There is no better time than now to become a safer driver. If you do have a DUI and you’re just changing your ways now, contact Carl Anderson today at 801-285-0303 and see what we can do to help you move on from your past mistakes so the driver you are today is all that matters.