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Should You Take A DUI Drug or Alcohol Blood Test?

Should you take a blood test to see if you have drugs or alcohol in your system? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The doctrine of “implied consent” holds that the very act of driving in Utah means that you agree beforehand to submit to testing. Refusing any chemical test is almost always a bad idea. If you refuse, you will be arrested and charged with an additional crime, and the police will obtain a warrant from a justice court judge to forcibly test your blood. So you accomplish nothing except antagonizing the police.

You do not get to choose which test you will take; that is the police officer’s prerogative. The good news is that positive blood tests are easier to defend against than positive breath tests.

Salt Lake County DUI Blood Test Defense Attorney

Blood evidence is more difficult to prove than breath evidence. With breath, all the prosecutor has to do is bring an officer who can show he is certified for the test and present the test results. With blood, the prosecutor has to bring in the officer who took the blood, the person who tested the blood and the officer in whose custody you were. The blood can be tested again at the request of the defense counsel. It’s a more involved process and a headache for overworked prosecutors to organize. When a case becomes too time-consuming, prosecutors look to plead the charges down to something acceptable.:

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