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Why Carl Anderson Wins DUI Cases

How does one DUI/DWI attorney become better than others?

  • Countless ride-alongs in squad cars, observing stops and police procedure
  • Thousands of DWI convictions as a DUI prosecutor, mastering every trick
  • Time at the police academy earning instructor’s certification to teach field sobriety testing

Carl Anderson has done this and more, so when he provides you with representation, you know that you have one of the most respected, most experienced and most authoritative Utah DUI lawyers on your side. Contact an experienced and proven DUI defense lawyer today.

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It’s a good idea to discourage drunk driving. But DUI, because it’s popular politically, has grown into a monster. People’s lives are being turned inside out, when they have not hurt anyone. Punishments for DUI offenses are so stiff that you cannot afford a conviction on your record. If you already have one conviction and have been charged with another offense, effective representation is critical to your future.

Welcome to The Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC, in Salt Lake City. We have made a deliberate effort to inform you of the technical side of DUI:

  • What constitutes proper police procedure
  • How to behave when you are pulled over
  • What to do in the critical days that follow, including the administrative license hearing

Respectfully Decline To Talk To The Cops.
They Are Not Your Friends

At our law firm, you get an elite Utah DUI attorney personally attending to your case. Some DUI mills work 500 cases at any given moment, but the work is just ordinary. With Carl Anderson, you get his outstanding track record of success, and you also get personal service. With Carl N. Anderson on your side, you get Carl himself. He will personally return your phone calls seven days a week.

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