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Felony DUI Is Serious Business

Most DUIs in Utah are misdemeanors and are tried in justice courts. This system is unique in the U.S. because proceedings are not entered into a record.

Felony DUI — charged when the defendant has had two or more DUI convictions in the past 10 years, or when someone is seriously injured because of drunk driving — is very different. The maximum incarceration period for a misdemeanor DUI is one year in jail. Maximum prison time for felony DUI is five years. Additional penalties include:

  • A minimum $1,500 fine, with surcharges added
  • Loss of license for two years
  • 240 hours of professional alcohol treatment
  • Ignition interlock device installed for six years
  • Possible home confinement
  • Alcohol-restricted driver status for life

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You can see that a conviction for this offense will have catastrophic impact on your freedoms and your family.

If you are charged with felony DUI, you will want the best DUI attorney you can find. In Utah, that means Carl N. Anderson.

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