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Utah’s policy toward underage DUI since 2010 is zero tolerance, and goes by the slogan “Not A Drop.”

The law comes down hard on drivers under 21 who have any detectable amount of alcohol in their breath, blood or urine. Minors who have alcohol in their system at all forfeit their driver’s license for 120 days or until they turn 21 years old — whichever is longer.

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Zero tolerance for underage drinking and driving satisfies many people’s desire to end the practice. But it is extremely punishing to people just getting started in life. The consequences are long-term, going beyond license revocation and affecting a young person’s ability to get into college and other common rights, such as the right to purchase firearms.

Think of the logic of zero tolerance. Say that a college student at a party has two drinks, then, in order to drive safely, waits four hours before driving home. If the breath alcohol test is positive, that student faces an avalanche of life-ruining legal penalties.

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At The Law Offices of Carl N. Anderson, III, PLLC, we agree that young people should be discouraged from driving under the influence of alcohol. But we have defended too many students at Brigham Young University, Westminster College and other schools in the area whose futures have been placed in jeopardy by this law.

Suggestion: Have your son or daughter carry our name and phone number in his or her wallet, purse or cellphone. Be ready to call the moment you are arrested.

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